Ultramodern State of the Art Rooms have been designed to offer you the height of technology in cosmetic treatments. There are so many new and great developments taking place at our Cosmetic & Skin Centre, with new rooms, more staff, and more treatments options. We are committed to your health and your complexion and can offer you a comprehensive range of treatments designed to enable you to look and feel your personal best.
Our passion is excellence in your skin care.

Ultramodern Cosmetic and Medical Facility

We at Main Street Cosmetic and Skin provide a wealth of skin care solutions. Our caring, highly skilled medical staff, expertly lead by our Cosmetic Director Dr Anthony Rixon, will will guide you through every treatment and procedure from your initial consultation to long after your follow-up care is done. We have always been dedicated to providing only the very best in medical grade skin care, because we are passionate about healthy beautiful skin. Our new aesthetic skin centre with three elegant consulting suites, four specialised treatment rooms, more equipment and more medical staff, now enables us to provide an extensive range of specialised cosmetic services. Equipped with the most advanced solutions for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, vessel, pigment and hair removal, fat reduction, we have the answer for all your skin and complexion needs. We offer expert skin checks, and are able to provide complicated surgical and reconstructive procedures, for skin cancer and mole removal. Join us at our new facilities, learn about our new treatment options, meet our new expert staff, and discover the possibilities for brilliant healthy skin.

One-of-a-Kind Patient Care

Our cosmetic centre evolves with the growing aesthetic community to bring our patients only the most efficient treatments that are time and results focused for the benefit of every individual that comes to us. We are not just a laser treatment centre, but dedicate our time to offer patients an expansive set of skin care and cosmetic treatment options that will change their lives. The redesign of our cosmetic centre is a representation of how we believe our patients should be treated, with class, compassion and a heartfelt concern to bring them optimal health and comfort.

We welcome patients from all sides of the spectrum, looking to embrace healthy, polished skin and wellness. Our mission is not only to provide each patient the best that cosmetic care has to offer, but we look to educate our patients on the importance of their skin care from the moment they meet with our cosmetic nurses and dermatologists. The only way to maintain beautifully cared for skin that remains timeless is to understand why we must work together to create a dedicated skin care plan that blends medical treatments with our efforts at home. The skin provides a representation of our personal health and how we treat our bodies to the outside world, so it’s important that we pay attention to the details.

Every patient has a set of concerns for their skin and we work with you to discover every aspect of treatment you can benefit from over time. Skin care takes work and it’s not always merely aesthetic, but often these skin care concerns dive deeper causing emotional distress and discomfort such as inherent skin conditions like rosacea and dermatographia. At Main Street, we want to ease that stress and discomfort because we only look as good as we feel.

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