Cryotherapy; science fiction today, but more than just ice packs

Back in the day, the thought of being cryogenically frozen to wake up sometime in the future was a ridiculous yet exciting concept. In 2016, we aren’t quite there yet, but unlike Mel Gibson in his film ‘Forever Young’, you have better plans for the cold, and they don’t include snap freezing yourself!

Nowadays, technology is advancing beyond belief, with Cryotherapy becoming a renowned and popular choice when looking to rid yourself of stubborn fat. Even after substantial weight loss, regular exercise and the implementation of a healthy diet, stubborn fat can linger, making life a little less enjoyable. Allow us to introduce, Cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy by definition is the use of extreme cold, either in surgery or other medical treatments. When it comes to Cryotherapy, we have a solution, CLATUU. This treatment freezes fat cells from on top of the skin’s surface, allowing you to rid yourself of stubborn fat while not damaging the healthy cells around it.

How does CLATUU work?

CLATUU is a treatment that freezes fat cells, eliminating them permanently (subject to healthy diet and exercise of course). The cells in question are frozen to a point where the body automatically destroys them using the natural method of Apoptosis (natural cell death). The CLATUU treatment simply removes stubborn fat cells using the cold and the body’s own natural ability to remove dead cells.

The result? A 25-30% reduction in fat cells per treatment! Best of all, CLATUU targets the areas you want! More often than not, when we exercise, diet and aim to lose weight, we lose weight from areas we’d rather keep, or lose weight everywhere except the area you want to! CLATUU allows you to zone in on those stubborn love handles, and say goodbye to the fatty tissue that doesn’t want to let go!

Many areas can be targeted using the CLATUU treatment, such as the lower tummy, muffin top, love handles, inner arms, back bulge, hips and many more. Your Cosmetic Specialist will assess your body pre-treatment and discuss your options with you.

How is this process different other fat reduction procedures?

The main difference between our Cryotherapy CLATUU treatment and any other fat reduction procedure is the fact that CLATUU is completely nonsurgical! No recovery period, no hospital fee, no anaesthesia, no scars! Secondly, due to the nature of the treatment, you can add additional treatments over a set period in order to obtain the desired results! This will all be identified and discussed during your initial consultation, allowing you to formulate a plan and look good just in time for your wedding, work event or simply beach season!

How long does a CLATUU treatment take?

Each session takes approximately 40-60 mins. Your registered healthcare professional will advise the number of sessions required to obtain your desired results, though you will begin to see results a few weeks post-treatment.

Is there any downtime?

No downtime whatsoever! Most of our clients return to work after their CLATUU treatment, as it is relatively pain-free. During the treatment you can relax, have a nap or play on your phone, allowing you to multitask like a pro!

How to I organise an appointment?

To organise your CLATUU treatment, or simply talk to one of our experienced and qualified team, contact us on 397393830. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our CLATUU treatment and other fat reducing options!

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