Vampire Treatment - Platelet Rich Plasma





      • Improves Skin Hydration, fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture
      • Platelets harvested from your own blood increase the production of growth factor to stimulate collagen
      • Suitable areas for treatment include; face, neck, chest and hands


From 1 July 2018, Platelet Rich Plasma is considered to be a regulated product by The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and as such we are unable to provide advertising or promotional information about this treatment on our website.

Information regarding PRP on this page is not intended for advertising purposes.
PRP is available from our clinic only after a thorough consultation with Dr. Eeshara Vithana and the treatment is administered by the Doctor himself.

Dr. Eeshara Vithana interests in using PRP is for rejuvenation purposes.


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