What is a Thread Lift?

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A thread lift, sometimes also referred to as a stitch lift or suture lift, uses threads to lift sagging facial tissue. This results in smoother and more toned skin, giving a naturally refreshed and rejuvenated appearance to the face.

Thread lifts works best for those with sagging in the mid/lower face (nasolabial folds and jowls) and can improve, straighten and tighten the jawline also.

Thread lifts are becoming increasingly common and are relatively non-invasive. No incision is required, as the suture is inserted using a fine needle. The suture is inserted under the skin to a depth of about three to five millimetres and lifted upwards and backwards towards the hairline, raising sagging facial tissue to a higher, more youthful position.

Results from a thread lift are significant yet subtle. Thread lift patients often report that their friends and family comment on how ‘well’ or ‘rested’ they look but are unable to pinpoint what has exactly has changed. The result of a thread lift is a very natural-looking, refreshed you.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes – 1 hour depending on the number of areas treated / number of threads required.

Who performs the thread lift treatment?

All thread lifts at Main Street Cosmetic & Skin are performed by specially trained Cosmetic Doctors.

What kind of threads do your Doctors use?

Our Doctors choose to use Silhouette Soft® threads for the procedure.

What kind of results could I expect and how long will the results last?

Results are immediate and will continue to improve in the days and months after treatment. The lifting effect of the threads lasts up to 18 months as threads themselves are absorbed after 18-24 months.

Below are before and after photos from actual Silhouette Soft® thread lift procedures.

Male patient aged 56 – Before and one month after Silhouette Soft® treatment

Female patient aged 52 – 15 days after, and 4 months after Silhouette Soft® treatment
* photos courtesy of Silhouette Soft / Dr Rosalba Russo.

How are Silhouette Soft® threads different from other threads that have been used in the past?

The Silhouette Soft® lift is a new, improved version of the thread lift. Silhouette Soft® threads are stronger than older thread products and work with bi-directional, absorbable thread cones rather than barbs, as with Contour Threads.

Silhouette Soft® threads are the only threads that have a dual lift-plus-collagen-regenerating effect:

* An immediate LIFT effect for quick yet discreet results

* PLUS a progressive REGENERATIVE effect for natural and ongoing improvement

The regenerative effect is gradual and natural and utilizes a material that is particularly biocompatible with human tissue – PLA. PLA, the principal component of SILHOUETTE SOFT®, is a polymer that has been used commonly in the medical field for many years. It is used to make suture threads, orthopaedic pins as well as screws and nails for bone fractures. This polymer is completely biodegradable meaning the thread sutures are eventually absorbed by the body and there is no need for the threads to be removed. Once the threads are applied during the lift procedure, the PLA acid acts on the deeper layers of the skin and collagen forms around the threads. This process increases facial volume and helps to restore youthful shapeliness to the face gradually and naturally.

For more information on Silhouette Soft® threads, visit the Silhouette Soft® website.

Why would I choose to get a thread lift instead of a facelift?

A thread lift is an excellent option for those with early signs of aging and who are not ready for a face / neck lift. The thread lift procedure is relatively affordable and can be combined with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections for substantial facial improvement without surgery. That said, the results of a face and neck lift, although much more invasive and expensive, can provide spectacular results also and is much longer lasting.

How do I prepare for treatment with Silhouette Soft® and will I be able to go straight back to work afterwards?

No special preparation is required prior to Silhouette Soft® treatment. The procedure involves no incisions, is minimally invasive and is done under local anaesthetic only (no general anaesthetic required). You will be physically able to work / return to social activities the very next day, however we recommend 7-10 days off work and away from the social scene to rest and heal as you may prefer to wait until the thread entry marks are less visible and able to be covered with make up. You can resume normal activities such as sport and swimming within one week also.

How much do thread lifts cost?

Starts from $2000 per area – your Doctor will provide a personalised estimate during your consultation.

Call 397393830 to book your thread lift consultation now.

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