Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Treatments


Blemishes, facial redness, acne, due to hormonal changes and imbalances, can flare up in pregnancy, the post pregnancy period, or during breast-feeding. Pregnant women can have an increase in breakouts, from hormones boosting sebum production from sebaceous gland, blocking pores, creating inflammation and breakouts. Post Pregnancy, there is a decrease in estrogen and an increase in testosterone and DHEA can make blemishes appear. Having a newborn can be very stressful, add in the constant and pervasive stress we encounter each day, the lack of a proper diet; and environmental factors, all can contribute to the appearance of blemishes.

It’s important to cleanse, treat and moisturize the face in the morning and at night to rid skin of dirt and bacteria. Skincare will be recommended on consultation. We have an LED LIGHT THERAPY which is proven to kill bacteria. This inexpensive treatment is simple, safe, and highly effective if you attend for multiple treatments.

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