Professional Laser Tattoo Removal with Medical-Grade Lasers

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How does it work?

Settings on the laser are chosen to produce high intensity light delivered in very short pulses, at a specific wavelength to target the pigment in the tattoo. The pigment to shattered into fine particles and these small ink fragments or molecules are dispersed into the blood stream and eliminated from the body over a period of weeks, fading the tattoo in time.

The skin itself is left unharmed by the laser, unlike older forms of treatment, like painful dermabrasion, or cryotherapy, or excision where which left permanent scarring.

Now, in the hands of our experienced practitioners, there is an effective simple and safe solution available for the removal of most tattoos. Some hues, pink and blue are more difficult, but the following colours can be either completely removed or their effect significantly lessened. During our initial consultation you will be advised as to what will only be lessened in intensity, and what can be removed.

How many treatments will I need?

While some fading occurs after only one treatment will occur, to achieve the desired result multiple treatments are required. The number of those depends upon many different factors: the size, the colours, the newness of the tattoo, the degree of layering of the tattoo, and the quality of ink used. But generally speaking an average of six to ten treatments are required to achieve optimal results.

We will be able to estimate the number of laser tattoo removal treatments you require during our initial consultation, as well as the cost for your specific case.

How often can I have a treatment?

Treatments are best performed 3 months apart, giving time to show the results of previous treatments.


Is it Painful?

Medical-grade Q-Switched laser treatments are sometimes described as ‘feeling like a rubber band snapping on your skin”. If however, you are at all troubled, we can offer numbing creams or local anaesthetic injections as well as a specialised zimmer cooling machine which blows cool air on the skin during the treatment.

Are there side effects of Laser Tattoo Removal?

Whilst some minor redness and swelling is not uncommon, these minor symptoms are transient lastly only a few days to a week.


Can the area be re-tattooed?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine for the skin to be re-tattooed. However it wise to wait some weeks after your last treatment.

What equipment do we use:

Main St Cosmetic & Skin offers a medical-grade Q switch Laser Tattoo Removal in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, performed by expert experienced medical staff.

Ring us on 03 9739 3830, and book a laser tattoo removal treatment for a small tattoo. For a larger or more complex coloured tattoo book a Complimentary Consultation for a quotation or learn more about our treatment.

Can creams work?

Creams are not an effective way of removing ink.


What type of laser is used?

While some clinics use lower quality machines, with inferior results, we use only a powerful Q-Switched laser. In the hands of our experienced and medically trained staff we offer safer, more effective and affordable treatments.

What does laser tattoo removal cost?

An estimation of this cost will be provided at the initial consultation, but our professional tattoo removal service is more affordable than you’d think. Tattoos vary in size, colours and complexity, so you need to book a complimentary appointment for the cost to be determined.

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