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Dermapen is a simple hand held device, which at it’s tip has multiple fine needles, with automatically vibrate when in use. The derma pen is passed in a circular motion over the treatment area, creating very fine holes in the skin. The effect of finely puncturing the skin, causes the skin to want to repair these multiple minor injuries, and so white cells, growth factors, and collagen and elastin stimulating factors are released into the skin stimulating the production of new healthy skin. The result being a skin rejuvenation. This is a low cost procedure very effective for the following conditions.

  • Skin rejuvenation, and provides some tightening, lifting
  • All forms of scarring, including Acne scars
  • Improving wrinkles and fine lines
  • Minimizing pore size
  • Improving stretch marks
  • Treats Alopecia

Outline of the treatment:

Step 1: Application of numbing cream

A topical numbing cream is applied to the skin before the treatment. This makes the treatment more comfortable, or even pain-free. Usually the numbing cream is left on the skin for 45 minutes before the commencement of the procedure.

Step 2: Cleansing

Thoroughly cleanse the skin with an appropriate cleansing product, suitable to the type of skin being treated.

Step 3: Anaesthetic lotion is applied to the treatment region.

This is left on the surface of skin for about 30 minutes then removed with antiseptic wipe.

Step 4: Active Ingredients application:

Active ingredients that will serve enhance the effect of the treatment are applied over the skin.

Step 5: Treatment with DermaPenTM:

The depth of needle is selected appropriate for the area of the skin being treated. The DermaPenTM is gently passed in a circlar action across the skin, with constant but light pressure.


Step 6: Cooling, soothing and moisturising:

A cooling facial mask is applied..

Step 7: Post Operative Treatment

After the treatment, take precaution against sun exposure. Since the skin’s channels are open for a period of time after treatments, it’s recommended to use a sunscreen designed for sensitive skin and post cosmetic procedures.

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