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Our first appearance can have a lasting effect on everyone we meet – Most people wouldn’t want that speckled with blemishes. Our skin sets up a variety of reactions to particular threats in the dermis and epidermis to protect our skin. When our skin becomes dry or isn’t properly hydrated externally with a complete skin care regimen, oil glands provide the added moisture to the skin directly. These oil glands secret oil from the base of a hair follicle, directly onto the skin’s surface. Sometimes, our skin can produce far too much of this oil, and it backfires on us.

Under the normal conditions of our skin’s environment, we can usually handle the mild oil production in our glands by sloughing away dead skin cells so that we can make room for healthy cell production. Unfortunately for those of us with the added bacteria, p.acnes, this blemish problem within the skin only becomes worse as time progresses. This bacterium settles in the skin, at the base of our cells and reproduces flair ups as this excess oil and dead skin cells lay stagnant. Acne Clinic Melbourne and Acne Laser Treatment Melbourne at Main Street Cosmetic & Skin, located in Melbourne, we aim to address one or more of these contributing factors, depending on the individual. There are many misconceptions about acne, one of them being that poor diet or uncleanliness cause acne. No matter what is said about the connection of food with an increase in acne flair ups, oily foods won’t do it. Just like with any condition, we may be predisposed to developing it, and acne can be caused by unbalanced hormones or stress which can produce stress hormones that affect the skin. Acne is a medical condition and needs to be treated by trained doctors and nurses, as untreated acne can lead to permanent scarring.

Where can acne appear?

It’s a common belief that acne only affects the face, but acne can begin on the chest, shoulders, buttocks, back and neck. Your doctor will assess the condition of your skin and where you should concentrate your acne treatments.

Treatment Options for Acne


Quality skin care is the first step to controlling acne. Vitamin B, such as Synergie Priority B can aid in control of oil production, and Vitamin A, such as Synergie A+ or Tretinoin, help to increase the natural turnover rate of the skin. Cleaners are also an important part of the daily routine for a patient with acne. Cleansers, such as Synergie Ultracleanse help to physically remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin that may have caused blockages in the skin, and therefore produce pimples.

LED Lights:

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These are tiny semiconductors that emit light when a current is passed through them. Unlike laser or IPL, LED phototherapy is non-invasive and non-thermal, and so requires no recovery time after treatments. At Main Street Cosmetic & Skin, we have both the red and blue LED lights we use in our acne skin care treatments. The red light can be used to reduce inflammation and to improve healing. The blue light treats the bacterium p.acnes, a major contributor to acne in many people.


Oral antibiotics can be an effective treatment for active, inflamed acne as it targets the acne-causing bacteria. Unfortunately, the antibiotics may also affect the rest of the body (e.g., vaginal or oral thrush, gastrointestinal disturbances). Topical antibiotics are also available with a prescription and have no systemic effect on the body. Some topical antibiotics also have an anti-inflammatory element.

Chemical Peels:

Chemical peels can aid in the exfoliation of the dead skin on the surface. Chemical peels, such as salicylic acid can draw oil out of the skin and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Our chemical peels can help your skin remove the blockages that increase the effects of acne.


The use of thick, pore clogging makeup can exacerbate acne. By applying a mineral makeup that sits on the surface of the skin, rather than in the pores, you can break the negative cycle of makeup causing more breakouts, and so feeling like you need to wear more makeup.

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