Acne Scarring Treatments


Acne Scarring

    • Both the Dermapen and Radiofrequency needling (RF Secret device) can provide clinical improvement to acne scarring
    • The Excel laser can also reduce the redness associated with acne scarring
    • Usually several sessions are required to see improvement, which will vary according to individual response  
  • Post treatment recovery is minimal
  • HA fillers may also be used to soften the appearance of acne scarring

Management of Acne

   Chemical Peels and LED light

  • A combination of Chemical peels and LED light can improve mild acne by reducing pigmentation, inflammation, scarring and dermatologist 
  • Available peels- Salicylic, Lactic, Glycolic and Retinoic acid
  • Peels are well tolerated and safe
  • LED light can reduce bacteria and stimulate collagen production

   CO2 Ablative Laser Fraxis Duo

  • CO2 laser resurfacing can improve the appearance of acne scars


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