Congratulations to Dr Anand Singh!

He successfully passed his examinations for FRACGP & Diploma of Dermatology!

We are proud of his efforts, as this requires a lot of hard work, and study, and many many doctors do not pass this on their first attempt, myself included.  Not only did Dr Singh pass this exam last year, he also studied and achieved a Diploma in Dermatology.  Although all GP see and manage Skin Conditions, he is keen to add this speciality skill.  So he will be heading up our Skin Conditions clinic.  Often our GP’s need to refer our more complicated Skin patients to a Dermatologist.  Lengthy wait times for appointments to see a specialist Dermatologist can now be avoided.  Where appropriate Dr Singh will now manage our more difficult skin patients  e.g Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Rosacea.

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