Eyebrow Lift

eyebrow lift melbourne

Traditionally, lifting the eyebrows could only be achieved through surgical intervention, but it is now possible to lift the brow using anti-wrinkle injections.

A brow lift is achieved by placing a small anti-wrinkle injection in the brow line to inhibit the muscles around the eyes from being able to contract. Careful placement of the product releases the downwards pull of the muscle, giving a lift of a few millimetres. Although this may seem like only a small change, this can cause a dramatic enhancement to the the shape of the eyebrow, causing the eyes to look more open and reducing heaviness through the upper eyelid.

There are very minimal risks associated with a non-surgical eyebrow lift and you can return to regular daily activities immediately after your treatment.

All of the anti-wrinkle treatments are performed by our highly trained and experienced cosmetic Doctors and Nurses.

We offer many other modalities for brow lifting as well. We can provide different options tailored to a client’s individual needs.

If an eyebrow lift is a treatment that you may be interested in please call 397393830 to book a consultation in Melbourne in today.


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