Where Can I Get a Health Check in Melbourne?

Since February of 2014, patients that are ages 45-49 and 75+ are recommended for a comprehensive health assessment to rule out the possibility of undiagnosed medical conditions. While these health checks are not mandatory, they have proved to be so beneficial we recommend for all our patients in these age categories. The Australian government pays fully for these health checks which last from 30-60 minutes. Pinpointing a chronic health condition is much easier when we can catch these things ahead of time, for general practitioners, this is the best option for patients to consider. For patients, these health assessments at the specified ages when health conditions tend to appear are beneficial so it can save them heartache and stress over health problems as they age.

So, the next question most people want to know is, “Where can I get a health check in Melbourne?”

At Main Street Cosmetic our Nurses perform these longer health checks which are specified at these particular ages. However, your GP is able to perform a shorter health check at any age.on patients at any age, but typically recommend the usual health milestones for every patient as we mentioned above. In Melbourne, health checks are done by a general practitioner (GP) that can prescribe the proper lab work and tests corresponding to any health concerns you present during your check-up. A general practitioner will make the best recommendations for anything from healthy diet, exercise, tips for improved cardiovascular health and maintaining the essentials in your body’s metabolic and functional processes.

Your Health Check Appointments

During your first health check appointment in Melbourne at Main Street Cosmetic & Skin, your GP or Nurse will sit with you and go over a questionnaire you’ve previously filled out about your family history and known medical conditions. At this time, your GP can find out more about your lifestyle and health goals for the future. As they learn more about you and the health changes you’ve experienced in your body and performance thus far, they will then make a list of the recommended specialised health tests you’ll need to rule out any predictions they have about risk factors.

Health Risk Factors Include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Anaemia
  • Asthma
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity Smoking
  • High levels of alcohol consumption
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Other cardiovascular health concerns such as the presence of varicose veins

During your follow-up appointment, your GP or Nurse will then suggest any specialists for a referral if you are at high risk for any of the above as determined by your test results. The tests recommended, if you are at risk for any of the major issues above, are performed on the liver, kidneys, heart and lungs. Mental health assessments may also be a part of your health check and should be discussed with your GP.

Health checks are a necessary part of our responsibilities as we get older since our body chemistry changes every five to eight years. Life moves so fast all around us that we can forget to be mindful of our health and these health checks can help us maintain our healthy lifestyles. If you’re suffering from too much stress, weight gain or significant loss, chronic fatigue, headaches and more, you should think about getting your health check sooner rather than later. Call Main Street Cosmetic today on 397393830.

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