3 Injections for Your Underarms

When we’re nervous, we sweat. How much you sweat, depending on your body type, will be different from the next person; but when you sweat through your clothes without exertion, that can be emotionally difficult to deal with daily. This condition of excess sweating can happen in the hands, feet and noticeably under the arms, called axillary hyperhidrosis.

For many people, this condition has an impact on their social life, because the person feels embarrassed to go out and to be seen with prominent sweat spots under their arms. This sweat often drips down their sides, without any triggers such as exercise or heat. For many patients that come to us at Main Street Cosmetic & Skin, they’ve been prescribed antiperspirants and medications to fight this excess sweat, but these remedies don’t work for everyone, or they’re simply temporary. There are, however, injections for your underarms to help you combat excess sweating and these are a saving grace for patients that haven’t seen relief in years.

What kinds of injections are available to combat hyperhidrosis?

Injections for underarm sweating are done using an anti-wrinkle injection as the active ingredient since this is the only injection thus far that works deep in these overactive nerves to slow their reactions. These nerves deep within the armpits will signal the sweat glands to sweat since it detects the body temperature is higher than it should be. Sweating is a good thing when we need to release heat from the body and maintain our homeostatic state or normal body temperature.

How is the treatment done and how long does it last?

When we perform injection treatments for underarm sweating directly in office, by our injections specialists at Main Street Cosmetic, these injections can be done in under ten minutes to perform. Depending on the patient’s particular needs, we usually do anywhere from 12-20 injections per underarm area. The patient lays down with their arm extended while these injections take place. After the injections are done, we add pressure to the injection site for a minute or so.

There is only a short waiting period before patients can begin any exercise routines but there isn’t any real recovery time. Once the injections are done, you can go about your day. After a week or so, patients should notice a reduction is their excess sweating. Up to seven months, you will benefit from this treatment and another treatment will be needed. Some patients require three sets of treatments per year but consult your doctor as to how many will benefit your condition.

  • Quick treatment
  • Lasts up to seven months
  • 12-20 injections in one treatment
  • Nonsurgical
  • No recovery time
  • Reduce excess sweating
  • Boost your confidence!

Most patients also use their prescribed antiperspirants to compliment this treatment but these injections should be enough to help you combat hyperhidrosis from excess sweating. We understand that this can be uncomfortable for patients and we want to help them get the most out of their lives. You don’t have to endure excessive armpit sweating because we now have these solutions to fix that.

Call Main Street Medical to learn more about our injections for axillary sweating on 397393830.

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